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1) First Step - Learn the original CFDG

First thing you need to do is learn the original CFDG language, which ContextFree1, implements. You can learn all the basic concepts at

2) What CInk doesn't support?

CInk implements almost everything of CFDG1, but fews bolts are still missing due to technical limitations.

3) CInk extensions - CFDG2

This section enlists the language extensions added to CFDG. These statements and features are not available in original CFDG and ContextFree.

4) CInk caveats

This enlists some gotchas you need to be aware of.

  1. (Context Free Art)
  2. (Algorithm Ink)
  3. What is Unicode? (Wikipedia article)
  4. Download and API Reference (Look inside API reference section)